Tryout questions

Tryouts at Cali Coast Elite


Our full year season begin in June.  Half year team begin in November.  


 USASF Age Restrictions:  

Tiny Exhibition teams: Ages 3-4

Tiny Cheer: Ages 5-6

Mini Cheer: Ages 5-8

Youth Cheer: Ages 6-11

Junior Cheer: Ages 8-14

Senior Cheer: Ages 11-18

 International: 17+

1. How do Cali Coast Tryouts work?

Participants will try out in a "clinic" like setting. There will be group jumping, tumbling, and a short motions sequence.  For higher levels, we may ask a flyer to stunt on the coaches, but for the most part, stunting will not be part of your tryout.  Participants may be broken into groups depending on tumbling skills. There will be a judge assigned certain tryout numbers who will be scoring the cheerleaders.  The judging sheet is posted here for you to view it.    Please read the packet and familiarize yourself with the dates and payments section.

2. What level am I ready for?

Level 1 team: If you are new to cheer, or have skills up to a back walkover, or front walkover, you will be placed on the level 1 team. 

Level 2 team:You must have a solid standing and running back handspring to be on this team.

Level 3 team: We will have one level 3 team this season.  It will either be a junior team (ages 8-14) or a Senior team (ages 11-18) depending on the ages of the cheerleaders who try out in this level).  You must have a solid tuck (round off tuck, roundoff handspring tuck, front tuck, aerial)  and a toe touch standing double handspring connected.

Level 4 team: Level 4 skills include, Standing tucks, toe touch handspring tucks, layouts, and combo passes. Cheerleaders must be able to through all three and have advanced jumps and stunting skills to be on this level.

Level 5: This will be our very first CALI COAST ELITE Restricted 5 team.  You must have a solid toe back tuck,  standing handspring handspring layout , and a running full on tumble track or floor. 

3. I can't make the tryout date, can I still try out?

Yes, but you need to schedule your private tryout before the tryout date The private tryout will be a 15 minute private session with a cce coach. You will still be charged the $20 tryout fee. The coach will have you tumble, jump, and do some motions.  If you have never cheered before it is okay, they will teach you. Email to have a private tryout.

4. What competitions will we be attending?

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4. What are the costs of the season?


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