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Cali Coast Elite was founded by Betty Arsenault in May 2013. Since then, we’ve grown to host 9 competition teams, recreational tumbling classes, a karate tumbling program, two affiliated high school teams, and over 150 athletes total!


Our mission is to create an atmosphere where athletes are challenged to push the limits of their abilities in a supportive, caring environment. Our routines are choreographed with each athlete's individual strengths in mind so that they can get their chance to shine and to help their team succeed! 


After our fifth season of competing, our athletes have won many prestigious awards, including national titles and a second-place Summit finish. In 2018, CCE won their first bid to Worlds in the International Small Coed Level 6 division!


We hope to continue growing and welcoming more athletes into our family every year. We invite you to join our family and sign up for cheer or classes online!

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