What sets Cali Coast Elite apart is our passionate, caring staff who truly love helping their athletes grow and learn. Learn a little more about our USASF certified coaches, class instructors, and talented junior coaches!


"Our daughter Sydney came home feeling happy, hopeful and excited because he encouraged her to try out for the beginning team and told her she has potential. And just like that, she believes she can. I truly wish all coaches, teachers and adults who work with children were so encouraging."

-CCE Parent

"Sometimes the encouragement of a coach is the fuel that allows a child to develop grit and overcome being a beginner." 


"Cali Coast Elite has given me freedom. I’m free to try new things and free to get out of my house." 


-CCE Athlete

"Our daughter Sydney came home feeling happy, hopeful and excited because he encouraged her to try out for the beginning team and told her she has potential. And just like that, she believes she can. I truly wish all coaches, teachers and adults who work with children were so encouraging."

-CCE Parent

"Veronica was so amazing!!"

The way she taught the girls was phenomenal


My daughter Nevaeh was visiting in San Diego a couple of weeks ago and she did a couple of private Lessons with Veronica. Veronica was helping Nevaeh so she could learn some new tricks for tryouts for the Varsity Drill Team at the High School Nevaeh will be attending. 

The only downfall was I could not pack her up in my suitcase and take her back to North Dakota!

Can you please let Veronica know that Nevaeh Made the Varsity Team and she is so ecstatic!!!!! 

-CCE Visitor

Betty Arsenault

Betty started Cali Coast Elite in 2013. She is committed to providing a family friendly atmosphere at CCE, where athletes can form lifelong friendships, while challenging themselves both physically and mentally. Betty began cheerleading in middle school and continued throughout college at the University of Massachusetts. She moved to California in 2007. She has coached and choreographed multiple teams and routines at her all-star gyms, winning a UCA national championship title, two USA championship titles, and a second place finish at the Summit.

Aaron Arsenault

Aaron is our head tumbling coach and a coach for the Senior Level 3 team. He was a gymnast from a young age, attending the Junior Olympics during high school and going on to compete for the University of Massachusetts. During his time at UMass, he also began competing with the cheerleading team and he has been cheering ever since. His gymnastics background and career as a mechanical engineer make him the perfect tumble coach to analyze and instill good technique in athletes so they avoid injuries while advancing their tumbling skills. He is a USASF certified coach for Levels 3-6.

gizelle .jpg

Gizelle Lopez

Gizelle has been an all-star cheerleader for 9 years with Coach Betty, who pushed her to excel and get to the high skill level she is at today. She was a member of the very first Cali Coast Elite team in 2013. She is currently a junior in high school and will graduate early to start college next year and study pre-med. She enjoys watching the progress of the athletes she coaches and getting to teach younger athletes new skills.

Marc Academia


Jenna Bergmark

Jenna grew up in South Dakota as well as San Diego and has been a member of competitive cheer teams since age 7. She was a member of CheerForce and California All-Stars growing up, taking part in their level 5 All-Star teams. She began coaching in 2011 and led her teams to National Championship titles at USA and UCA Nationals. She is currently certified in CPR and First Aid and credentialed by USASF. Jenna graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Health Science, emphasis in Public Health and a minor in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuropsychology. She is currently coaching whenever she has time off from her doctorate program in Physical Therapy!

Veronica Cooley

Originally from Illinois, Veronica began participating in gymnastics and cheerelading at a young age and continued throughout high school and college. During college, she developed a passion for coaching, which led to coaching gymnastics for 8 years. Upon completing her B.S. in Exercise Science Kinesiology, she moved to San Diego. Here, her coaching desires grew new roots as an entrepreneur, when her health and fitness coaching business "Cooley-Fit" was born. With a desire to get back into cheerleading, she joined Cali Coast Elite as a member of the i6 team, Riptide. Today she brings her coaching talents to the gym, as the head coach of the International Open Level 4 team.

Courtlyn Gamache

Courtlyn grew up in a dance studio and took gymnastics classes from a young age, but she never felt that those were her passion. When she joined a cheerleading team in middle school, she fell in love. She started teaching tumbling classes at her mom's dance studio and began assisting the head coach of a local pop warner team when she was in college. Soon after, she became the head coach of a pop warner team and had many students who loved competing. They asked her to start an all-star team. She owned an all-star gym in Massachusetts for 2 years, before pursuing her lifelong dream of moving to San Diego. Her hiatus from cheerleading didn't last long, however. When Courtlyn came to Cali Coast Elite, she never looked back. She has been coaching at CCE for two years and loves the family atmosphere and the great friends she has made. In the 2017-2018 season, she was the head coach of our Mini Level 1 team, who went undefeated the entire season! When she is not at CCE, she is an RN at Rady Children's and she enjoys spending time with her fiance and dog.

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JC Guttierrez

JC has been coaching and choreographing all-star cheer for 7 years, including one year as the coach of the Open 4 team at CCE. He has coached for world-known gyms, placed Bronze in the IOC5 division at The Cheerleading Worlds, first at Summit championship in the Small Coed 3 division, and won numerous other national titles. His passion for cheerleading and creative routines has grown more and more through out the years. From big gyms to small gyms, he believes there are always new things to learn and grow from. His favorite thing about CCE is the amount of love and positive energy that all of the coaches put into the gym and the athletes. He is excited to see the adult program grow and to be able to return to coaching kids again this season!

Lindsay Gallardo

Lindsey grew up in Massachusetts and participated in gymnastics and cheerleading from a young age. In high school, she was a member of the school cheerleading team, as well as East Celebrity Elite All-stars. She went on to cheer at the University of Massachusetts, where she met Betty and Aaron. She earned her degree in Chemistry before moving to California in 2011. She has been coaching all-star cheerleading for the past 7 years and is also the CCE gym manager. She is CPR and first aid certified and a USASF certified coach. Lindsey also serves as an academic tutor in math and science for many of the athletes at CCE and their siblings. Her goal when coaching, tutoring, or socializing with the kids is to emphasize enjoyment and thoughtfulness in every situation. When a person can learn to find purpose and enjoyment in what they are doing, they will be more successful. Outside the cheer gym, Lindsay works as a biochemist and loves playing trivia, camping, and hanging out with her cats.

Kam Kam.jpeg

Kamryn Weekes

Kamryn joined the CCE family at age 9.  She has been a flyer on the half year, level 2 and level 3 teams and considers CCE her second home.  Kamryn loves junior coaching and helping other cheerleaders refine their skills.  When she’s not junior coaching, you can find her at open gym or tumbling at CCE, watching baking shows or hanging out with friends.  Kamryn is also a sideline and competition cheerleader at Eastlake High School where she is a freshman.  She is happy to be starting her coaching journey with CCE!


Natalie Lopez

Natalie has been part of the CCE family since Betty opened the gym in 2013. She has been a competitive cheerleader since the age of 5. Natalie's love for the sport has inspired her to become a coach. She is now a Jr coach for the level 2.1 team, High Tide. She is a junior at The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology but will be graduating a year early, this 2020.  In her spare time, Natalie enjoys watching scary movies, baking, and spending time with her family.

cheryll bio pic.jpeg

Cheryll Kidd

Cheryl has been coaching since 2009.

She started off at the YMCA for 7 years coaching preschool to adult, including running a Level 3 competitive team for 3 years and camps for 5 years. She started coaching at CCE when I joined the adult team back in 2016. She works as a dental hygienist during the day and enjoys dancing, traveling, and anything competitive.


Mindy Poltorak

Mindy grew up in San Diego and was a cheerleader at Patrick Henry High School as well as Cali Coast Elite. She graduated from Kent State University in 2019 with a B.S. in Education. She is looking forward to the opportunity to train and inspire athletes to become part of something bigger than themselves and is excited to nurture and become a role model for the 2019-2020 competitive athletes at Cali Coast Elite. She loves CCE because she says "It's a gym where athletes feel safe and are able to take risks and step out of their comfort zones through the support and motivation of their dedicated staff. Cali Coast Elite is so much more than just a competitive cheer gym, CCE is a family. At CCE the staff and coaches care about every individual who enters the gym and treats them with respect. I am so happy to be a part of this gym."


Mackenzie Warren

Mackenzie grew up in San Diego and has been a member of pop warner, competitive, and collegiate cheer teams since the age of 8. She started in pop warner then transitioned to competitive cheer where she cheered at Flip Force Cheer Matrix and eventually moved to California Allstars where she was a member of multiple of their level 5 teams over her 5 seasons there. She now is a cheerleader at San Diego State University where she studies interior architecture and design. She loves to pass along and share her own passion for cheerleading with the athletes and strives to inspire a friendly and fun as well as safe environment for the athletes and families at Cali Coast Elite

Angela Wells

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Angela began her athletic career as a gymnast. When her family moved to South Florida in 1998, she tried out for her first competitive cheerleading team - and was hooked. She was forunate enough to be part of several national championship all-star teams, including Legend Lady Jags Junior and Senior and Top Gun Large Coed. Angela moved to San Diego in 2004 to attend UCSD, where she earned her degree in biology and played competitive ultimate frisbee. After a ten-year hiatus from the cheerleading world, she joined the Cali Coast Elite family... and enjoys the challenges, hard work, and triumphs that each new season offers.

In her "real" job, Angela serves as the Director of Communications for the Downtown San Diego Partnership. During her free time, she loves to play a variety of sports, yell about the Dallas Cowboys, and spend time at the beach with her dog Emmitt.

dion bio pic.png

Dion Academia

Coach Dion is an enthusiastic trainer who has been involved in various acrobatic movements since the age of 5. In high school, he was involved in an all star cheer program - Champion Outlaws - and won multiple championships throughout his time with the team. The experience would later land him a Full-Ride Scholarship to Hawai’i Pacific University in 2005. A love for Hip Hop developed shortly after his experience at HPU, allowing him to further expand the various movements which he already previously mastered. In 2013, Dion, became interested in tricking- an infused movement based on tumbling, martial arts, bboying, capoeira, and ballet- and still currently trains to this day! In early 2019, he became a team-member of the Cali Coast Coaching staff and has assisted in growing the tricking program to where it is today! His passion for moving and teaching leads him to inspire others to achieve the positive outcomes of breaking personal limitations. Coach Dion looks forward to helping you achieve your movement goals, so don’t hesitate to join a tricking class, or book a private lesson today!

Brooke Powers Wilson

RIP Coach Brooke.  We loved every second of your spirit and energy.  You made the world a better place. You are now our cheer angel.


Brooke dedicated her life to making the world a better place. Whether she was cheering for charity, leading girl scouts, or working for her community parks, she brought light and happiness wherever she went.

Jillian Clark

Jillian has been cheerleading for 6 years, including 5 competing with CCE. She started tumbling classes with CCE in the winter shortly after they opened and joined a full year team the following season. Which she soon fell in love with in all aspects. The family environment, the passion shown by coaches, and her amazing teammates. In 2018 & 2019, she was a member of out Senior level 3 team. She is a junior at Point Loma high school where she graduates in 2021. She is a great role model to the younger kids in the gym and enjoys working with all ages. Cheerleading has been a big part of her life and she hopes to help athletes re-create the amazing experiences that she has had as a past cheerleader. She is very excited to further her coaching at CCE in hopes of becoming a head coach in later years.