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May Cheer Training
Register for a 4 day clinic to prepare for team evaluations.
*Team Evaluations are May 30th/31st

May Training Classes

 *May 15th-26th* 

$100 /Level 

*Flip club*

Tuesdays / Thursday 5-6:30pm

Four clinics to get your athlete ready for level 3 and level 4 evaluations. Athletes must be throwing tucks on the tumble track without a spot and throwing them on the floor with a light spot.  If your athlete can not throw a tuck comfortably on the track by themselves they will not get a lot out of this clinic. 


*Let’s learn more!*

Tuesdays / Thursdays 4-5:30pm

This clinic is appropriate for ages 4-8. Athletes will be working on tryout fundamentals for level 1 tinys and minis. Best for athletes new to the program or athletes still working to perfect level 1 appropriate skills such as back walkovers and front walkovers. 


*More to level 1*

Monday / Wednesday 4-5:30pm

Has your athlete competed level 1 already and mastered their elite skills, but they are not quite ready for level 2? This is the clinic for you! Elite level 1 athletes ready to learn new level 1 stunts and perfect their elite level 1 skills.

*Club back handspring*

Mondays / Wednesdays 5:30-7pm

Back handsprings,  back handsprings, back handsprings. This clinic will focus on elite level 2 stunts and tumbling passes. The last 20 minutes of this class will be focused on tuck professions if your athlete has all elite level 2 skills.


Level 1 Prep Teams 

• Beginners  

• Cartwheels 

• Rolls 

Level 1 Elite Teams 

• Backwalkovers 

• Front Walkovers  

• Experience stunting 1 year  

Level 2 Teams 

• Standing BHS 

• Round off BHS 

• Backwalkover BHS 

• Experience stunting level 1 for at least 1 year

Level 3 Teams 

• Standing Double BHS 

• Roundoff Tuck 

• Roundoff BHS tuck 

• Aerial 

• Front Tuck 

• Experience stunting level 2 for at least 1 year  

Level 4 Teams 

• Standing tuck 

• Double Hand Tuck 

• Roundoff HS layout 

• Experience stunting level 3 for 1 year 

Level 5 Teams 

• Toe tuck 

• Double Hand Layout 

• Roundoff HS FULL 

  • Experience stunting level 4 for 1 year

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